Video communication where it’s needed most

We deliver truly immersive real-time collaboration environments that really make a difference to the way people connect.

Improve the delivery of education and healthcare with HD real-time communication

Our education and healthcare platforms can be accessed from any browser or mobile device, effectively connecting people from any location.

Deliver video to any device

Embed real-time video and audio to any device with ease. Delivered straight into your mobile or web application.

Let your ideas come to life

We make it easy to get your service up and running. Our dedicated team of developers will work with you to get your platform launched when you need it.

Create, deploy, launch!

We make it easy to get your service up and running quickly and effectively. With our dedicated team of designers and developers, we can work with you to get your platform launched as quickly as you need it.

Ajenta have worked swiftly to respond to our immediate needs and ensured we we’re happy every step of the way.
Ajenta understood the urgency behind finding a solution that could perform anywhere and delivered on our expectations and on time. Adoption is growing rapidly and beyond expectations
Ajenta provided a system that connects to any device, regardless of location or network connection. Our users can easily connect and collaborate, share documents as well as host live training.
The guys at Ajenta really know their stuff. It's refreshing to work with a company that can convert out technical requirements into tangible results very quickly and efficiently.
PushDr brings clinicians into your home and into your life, whenever you need them via your PC, tablet or mobile using video. With the help from the team at Ajenta and the Ajenta video platform, this has enabled us to provide high quality video on any device over any network

Global hosted platform

We provide a fully resilient cloud platform to deploy your web-services. So the only technology you need to worry about is at the front-end.

Embed in any web environment

We provide a flexible communication architecture to suit any front-end framework you prefer to work with. Tell us what you need and we’ll get it to you.

Full API Documentation

Our customisable API packages contain all the necessary elements of a embedded video environment with full list of calling methods and sample code to help you get started quickly