News: 2019 – A Year in Review from John Wilson

It’s been a very exciting and humbling year for Ajenta.

We have been helping to design and deliver truly inspiring collaborative education programmes; supporting shared teaching between schools, colleges, universities and across industry, powered by Vscene and our V-Room hardware solutions.  The Ajenta team have been working with a wide range of education partners to provide innovative and effective models to support equity and inclusion throughout curriculum. Through Vscene, our partners are ensuring education is delivered to every pupil regardless of location.

The Vscene Community network is growing fast, with new Local Authorities, Government Organisations, Education Collaboratives, Colleges and Universities joining every day.

This wider community opens up ground-breaking opportunities for education delivery not just across the UK but globally with projects starting  across Europe, China, Africa and Latin America.

Over the coming months, Ajenta will be launching some very exciting new programmes, new products, service enhancements as well as a new expansion strategy. We are working with stakeholders across education, research and health communities to support the evolution of Vscene and to help realise our shared vision of growing and transforming global access to education.

Our vision is to connect every classroom, lecture theatre and learning space in the world to a global connected network, enabling easy access to real-time connected learning in the simplest, most impactful way.

We are truly honoured to be part of making the world a smaller place.

If you’d like to hear more or would like to chat about how we can help you, please get in touch with us (telephone – 0131 512 2000 or email –

Author: John

CEO John Wilson has been a trusted advisor on collaboration for nearly 20 years. His expertise in commercial management has aided technology companies and lead development of new markets in healthcare, education, public sector, and large enterprise organisations.

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