Based in the UK and operating globally

We’re a globally focused business working closely with our clients to create simple, cost effective communication tools that are changing the way that people collaborate

We believe it shouldn’t be difficult or expensive to bring people together.

We are video and audio delivery experts.

At Ajenta we work with you to deliver video where and when it is needed most – from the desktop to the mobile, from the boardroom to the living room. We will help you build a fully customised experience for your employees, clients, students and patients.

We own our own global PaaS cloud service.

Ajenta’s Platform delivers the reliability, security and global coverage you’ll need from a highly scalable PaaS. We deliver a wide range of services, such as WebRTC, standalone software and mobile applications as well as full interoperability with just about any kind of video conferencing technology.

We help you design really exciting applications.

We have an ever growing client base of exciting companies from start-ups to large enterprise and public organisations. Providing e-learning and virtual classroom technology, telehealth and telemedicine platforms as well as corporate video conferencing platforms.

Meet the Ajenta Team


John Wilson - CEO

John has been a trusted advisor on collaboration for nearly 20 years, driving commercial management within technology companies and developing new markets in healthcare, education and public sector through to large enterprise organisations


Gavin McKenzie - COO

Gavin provides Ajenta with over 10 years’ experience in strategy, business growth and corporate finance, involved in the business scaling and strategy management of multiple technology and software companies specialising in project management and channel partner growth.


Lyndsay McInnes - Head of Engagement

Lyndsay brings more than 10 years of sales and marketing experience to Ajenta, having worked directly with some of the world’s most innovative companies in the development of marketing strategies worldwide. From bio-technology to environmental research.

Peter McHugh

Peter McHugh - CTO

Peter provides Ajenta with over 30 years industry experience in technology, business development and management and has played a pivotal role in bringing innovative technology products to market


Jaclyn Marr - Operations Manager

Jaclyn brings 10 years ‘of facilities and office management experience to Ajenta, ensuring efficient management of business operations as well as legal compliance across the organisation. Jaclyn is leading our ISO compliance ensuring everything and everyone runs smoothly and efficiently day to day.


Justyna Jablonska - UX Lead

Justyna is responsible for the user facing experience of our software applications working closely with our customers and our development team to ensure the user journey is integrated into our entire design workflow.


Ondrej Stastny - Front End Developer

Ondrej works on the front-end of our software, ensuring everything looks and works exactly as it should with strict adherence to our UX design policies.


Yvan Guidoin - Full Stack Developer

Yvan is full stack software engineer specialising in web development and DevOps
Yvan works with our dev team in the adoption of new frameworks and languages and avidly follows new trends and innovations to ensure Ajenta harnesses the best technology stacks available.


Ilias Galanopoulos - Head of Development

Ilias holds a Master of Engineering (MEng) in Computer Engineering and Informatics from his native Patras in Greece, having relocated to Edinburgh to complete a Masters of at Edinburgh University. At Ajenta, Ilias specialises in development of video integrated applications as well as back-end integrated environments

Shafiq Latif

Shafiq Latif - Technical Architect

Shafiq brings 15 years’ experience as  a VC support technician, specialising in infrastructure and deployment of video conferencing solutions. Before joining Ajenta, Shafiq managed the  the JANET Videoconferencing Service.


Mohamed Hamed - Technical Lead

Mohamed brings 10 years of Comprehensive knowledge of Service Support frameworks within HE and FE successfully designing and delivering the UK’s Global Dialling Scheme Security Policy, and redesigned the UK’s ENUM dialing scheme as part of the UK’s engagement with the global NRENUM Service.


Keith Langlands - Service Desk Lead

Keith brings 10 years’ experience in front line technical support specialising in videoconferencing software, hardware, codecs and protocols. Prior to joining Ajenta Keith  was responsible for the day-to-day operation and support of the Jisc Videoconferencing Service (JVCS) to the UK HE/FE and Schools community

James Rhead - Front End Developer

James is a web development specialist building web applications using React, Redux, TypeScript and SASS. Passionate about software, evolving web technologies, collaborative teamwork,continuous deployment and web components.


Matthew Sweeney - Front End Developer

Matthew is a front-end developer with a particular focus on design and user experience. Matthew is working on some very exciting new tools to be embedded into our suite of education collaboration products.


Craig Jones - Technical Support

Craig works as first line support technician, assisting our users and administrators in live conferences as well as helping with V-Room setup and configuration. Craig has various technical qualifications such as CCNA, MCSA & MTA


Rebeca Spack - Technical Support

Rebeca is a first line contact for the users of our platforms. She has a very deep technical understanding of all kinds of collaboration technology. She is a Vscene desktop and V-Room specialist

Flora Manson - Graphic Designer

Flora is a graduate in digital design from Glasgow Caledonian University. She is working with our design team to ensure our corporate image and our products are perfectly aligned and consistently meet with the Ajenta design brief.

Alan D Stuart - General Counsel

Alan is a lawyer with over 25 years experience, acting for major telecommunications,  education, life sciences and space sciences organisations. Alan is a member of the Society for Computers and Law and is a Member of the International Institute of Space Law; he is also a Writer to Her Majesty’s Signet.


Uisge - Chief Happiness Officer

Uisge likes to make sure we’re all happy in the office. If she senses we’re feeling a little down or stressed, she puts her front paws on our lap and gives us a look that melts our heart.

Ajenta low-res-23


We’re always looking for people to join Ajenta across all departments. If you believe you would be great fit, get in touch or visit our careers page.

Being a novice on Video Conference technology, I was experiencing issues with our newly installed VC equipment. I managed to call Vscene’s support number that was on our documentation and my support issue was handled by Mohamad. From my little to no experience of the new kit, the support team was able to understand my situation and provide 1st class customer support. My translation of the problem (again unfamiliar with the equipment)was clearly understood and any technical translation was also broken down to help resolve the issue. I was very impressed with the customer service received and also learned a thing or two about our set up. Great support overall.
Vscene’ s reliability has been exceptional and the HD quality has provided an effective online means for real time face to face teaching with young people within e-Sgoil. Our external programme evaluation, shows the potential that Vscene and online teaching has as one of the tools available to local authorities and schools to meet the challenges of 21st century education.
Over the years I have encountered many VC problems and have had to call on Vscene for assistance and they have always sorted it out.   I have found the support team approachable and their service exceptional.
Vscene allows me to manage all aspects of video and teleconferencing with ease. Creating, scheduling and running conferences is made simple by their very user-friendly site. The one to one support I received from their team goes above and beyond that of any services I have used in the past. They have an amazing understanding of their product and really helped me get the best out of it.
Vscene has been providing Cardiff University with connectivity and bridging services for the past 17 years. We have always found the Team to be friendly and helpful, they  provide immediate support for all our video conference requirements.
Vscene is an integral and indispensable part of our VC service. The flexibility of Vscene allows people to join our conferences no matter what facilities they are using and the tech support we receive from the Ajenta team is superlative. 
Ajenta Vscene platform provides us with all-in-one remote teaching solution. The platform enables real-time collaboration between Universities, Institutes, and remote students, removing the physical barrier out of the class room experience. Our Vscene Account Manager liaises with our partners to provide end-to-end business support, to ensure the platform is fully integrated with our other business solutions.
Ajenta have worked swiftly to respond to our immediate needs and ensured we we’re happy every step of the way.
Ajenta understood the urgency behind finding a solution that could perform anywhere and delivered on our expectations and on time. Adoption is growing rapidly and beyond expectations
Ajenta provided a system that connects to any device, regardless of location or network connection. Our users can easily connect and collaborate, share documents as well as host live training.
The guys at Ajenta really know their stuff. It's refreshing to work with a company that can convert out technical requirements into tangible results very quickly and efficiently.
PushDr brings clinicians into your home and into your life, whenever you need them via your PC, tablet or mobile using video. With the help from the team at Ajenta and the Ajenta video platform, this has enabled us to provide high quality video on any device over any network