With thousands of users globally, ActionAid needed access to a video service they could access anywhere on any device.


Connect remote teams with limited connectivity on many different devices.


“Ajenta have created a user friendly, cost effective platform that works anywhere”


“Improved communication and Increased efficiency”

The Client

ActionAid have thousands of users globally that need access to a video service from a variety of devices – mobile, desktop and tablet. An international organisation, with 1000’s of volunteers worldwide who are growing and currently work with over 15 million people in 45 countries.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, they are the only international development organisation with a head office based in Africa. They also have offices right across Asia, the Americas and Europe.

The Challenge

ActionAid were using a variety video conferencing technology across the organisation. Due to limited and poor bandwidth in various locations, they usually always resorted to using voice only. ActionAid have remote locations all over the globe which have limited network speeds.

Most video technology does not work well on slow connections. To improve the lines of communication, ActionAid needed to invest in technology that could support thier current and future needs.

“Ajenta believe by breaking down communication barriers you can provide support wherever its needed in the world” – John Wilson – CEO, Ajenta

The Solution

Adaptive Video

The Ajenta Cloud Vidyo platform powers the ActionAid collaboration portal. It includes full interoperability across many technology vendors as well as HD recording and webcasting.

To support ActionAid user needs and location requirements, Ajenta provided a Hosted Vidyo solution. Vidyo technology provides greater support than any of its competitors for low bandwidth, wireless and 3G connections with practically zero delay.

Virtual Training

It was important that their users were trained in full before using the service, so the training team at Ajenta provided remote global video learning sessions to the users. This ensured they were 100% confident in the service before starting to use it.

To help promote continuous adoption of the service, Ajenta provide regular ‘refresher’ sessions, feature updates and train the trainer sessions.

Team Collaboration

ActionAid are a leading charity that have to quickly respond to a wide variety of global crisis. Having a reliable line of communication such as video ensures the team can make decisions faster than ever before.

As well as providing high quality video calls, ActionAid users are now able to collaborate by sharing documents live and deliver immersive virtual meetings. Less time and budget is spent on traveling and productivity has increased significantly. This has improved the way the company works and collaborates.


The Ajenta Cloud Vidyo platform powers the ActionAid portal. Utilising  the full portfolio of Vidyo technology


“Ajenta delivered fantastic user training that ensured we made the most out of our investment”


“We are already planning the next stage of expansion and looking at how the platform can fit into our future activities worldwide”

“The Ajenta Vidyo cloud was the perfect fit, given our large number of users dispersed around the globe, bandwidth requirements, flexibility and features, as well as security. We had excellent cooperation and support from the team at Ajenta”.  Haris Yiasemis, Head of IT, ActionAid International

What was your experience of the development process?

“Ajenta understood the urgency behind finding a solution that could perform anywhere and delivered on our expectations and on time”

What was the end result?

“Ajenta managed the entire project management and Global roll out which included training to staff across the globe. Everyone is extremely pleased at how easy the system is to use, so adoption is growing. Rapidly and beyond expectations.

We deliver humanitarian aid where its needed most so often our needs can change at any given time. Ajenta’s support has been outstanding, recognising the urgency behind the aid we deliver, any downtime effects the aid we deliver.”

What are your future plans for the application?

“Ajenta have provided a platform that is future proof and we are already discussing how we will expand the service further across the organisation. We have had success incorporating the platform into our annual Global IT meeting in Bangkok where attendees from our offices all over the world come together.

For the first time we were able to extend the reach by offering live video webcasting for attendees to join regardless of location or view the recorded sessions at a later date. As well as allowing Keynote speakers to deliver quality video presentations from remote locations without having to travel. For that reason we are excited about the potential to support a wider range of external and internal activities worldwide.”


  •  Connect remote teams with limited connectivity
  •  Compatible with 3g and 4g connections
  •  Connect from any device or conferencing system
  •  High quality video and audio
  •  User-friendly interface
  •  Collaborate and share documents and your screen live
  •  Host live training events—HD recording
  •  Ongoing support and adoption services