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Say Hello to V-Room…

Early last year we were approached by quite a few organisations asking us to recommend a room based video conferencing system to support meeting rooms as well as council chambers, lecture theatres and classrooms. As you might expect, doing this was not an easy task. There’s a lot out there! The hardware room system is an industry that’s been historically monopolised by a few main players. And most of them are very good but quite expensive. On the other side of the industry, we’ve seen a significant rise in software based room systems (software image that you can install and run on a PC) and they were all extremely good too.

So we focused on a few key factors to try and nail this:

– It had to be very cost effective
– Easy to install, manage and update with little or no IT support required (turnkey solution)
– Extremely high quality
– Options for different sized rooms and spaces
– Work with various camera and audio vendors
– Full interoperability – able to connect to older types of systems (SIP/H.323)
– Secure – it had to work behind a firewall and not require too much configuration

So we spent a few months testing out a few vendors which were all extremely good but none of them actually ticked every box. The ones that were high quality were expensive, the ones that were software only required installation support from an IT person or partner and some required another cloud service or on site servers to support interoperability and in most cases did not support remote camera control.

So we decided to build and launch our own.

In Summer 2018, we silently launched the V-Room (with support from Vidyo’s amazing compression algorithm). But just be clear, we didn’t launch the V-Room to compete with other vendors, we did it to support our customers. It just so happens that what we built was awesome!

V-Room standard features

– 4K resolution at 60 frames per second
– Auto configured for plug and play (no need to install anything)
– Full PTZ camera control – remote and local (VISCA)
– Full motion video content presentation support
– Controllable from remote control or phone or tablet app (iOS and Android)
– Works without a public facing IP address
– Supports calling to and from SIP,  H.323 and e.164 through Vscene
– 24 Hour replacement service
– Ability to integrate with control systems (Creston, AMX, Extron, etc)
– Allow calls to and from Microsoft Teams
– Bundles available through our V-Room Integration Partners
– Bundle prices start at £2,750.

Learn more about our V-Room bundles.


Author: Sarah Brady

Sarah is our Marketing Manager who, responsible for creating and delivering engaging content and bringing customer journeys to life. Passionate about digital marketing Sarah drives results through innovative ideas.

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