Embed point-to-point and multi-point video, audio, content sharing and collaboration inside your own custom applications.

User Portal

The User Portal provides central management of all users and devices on the platform. Supporting thousands of applications.

The Router

Providing Near-Zero Latency at an optimised 1080p HD video stream. The Router can support literally thousands of concurrent connections and deliver to just about any device.

The Replay

True High Definition Recording & Webcasting The Replay is a powerful appliance that makes it easy to record and webcast meetings in full HD.

The Gateway

The Gateway provides truly flexible and dynamic interoperability allowing your application to connect to any traditional H.323 and SIP devices.

Tailored APIs

The Ajenta software platform lets you embed point-to-point and multi-point video, audio, content sharing and collaboration inside your own applications custom web portals. Ajenta deliver the right communications features where and when it’s needed. With our API you can create custom browser, desktop, and mobile clients that meet the exact needs of the people that need to use them.

The Ajenta platform is powered by Vidyo, comprised of the core technology with a framework and a rich suite of Application Programming Interfaces (API) that support applications developed by Ajenta. This layered model offers developers a range of entry points into the software stack, based upon the needs of your project, development capabilities and time-to-market requirements.


The VidyoWorks Client API is a set of libraries that can be used to develop a custom video application. These client libraries provide the capability to embed a working videoconferencing endpoint into any new or existing application. Libraries are available for all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and a web based client – VidyoWeb.

Using the VidyoWorks Client API a developer has all the necessary tools to focus on the core capabilities of the application under development. Clients can rely on Vidyo’s industry leading videoconferencing technology to deliver the highest possible video communications.


The VidyoDesktop™ app provides high-quality video conferencing to Windows, Mac, and Linux computers so that everyone can participate.


The VidyoMobile™ app brings high-quality video conferencing to popular Android and Apple iOS tablets and smartphones.


Video Communication on Any Browser. Unlike ‘WebRTC’, the VidyoWeb™ browser plug-in lets participants join conferences from within any web browser.


Vidyo’s WebRTC offering allows developers to extend the Vidyo platform to include WebRTC-capable browsers.