Ajenta partners with PushDoctor to deliver bespoke telehealth platform connecting Doctors to patients using VidyoWorks.


Bring healthcare specialists and remote patients together through a flexible platform


“Ajenta have helped us create a user friendly application that allows access to your Doctor from any device.”


“Patient numbers are growing and we are already planning the next stage of our expansion”

The Client

People around the world are enjoying the benefits of new ways to access health professionals, who before were difficult to reach. Remote or online consultations, are an enhanced version of the established telephone consultation. Telephone consultations happen in their millions each year in the UK.

Founded in early 2013, PushDoctor recognised the need to effortless and affordable way of connecting to a doctor from home or work. PushDoctor’s mission was to deliver “high quality care that works for the people”. PushDoctor has since grown to become one of the fastest growing clinical networks in the country. They are now working with NHS commissioners to develop a primary care delivery platform to enable GP’s to take their current surgeries and upgrade to the next generation.

The Challenge

PushDoctor needed technology that could deliver high quality video and sound to allow for accurate consultations. The platform had to be a reliable cost effective solution, that could work with their own front-end platform. The end solution had to be easy for any patient of any technical ability to use when they need it most.

Ajenta provided PushDoctor with the development services to customise a branded platform that would integrate with the PushDoctor application. The PushDoctor application will work across any browser and operating system. This is due to the unique way that Ajenta have developed the back end. Ajenta utilised a mixture of WebRTC, browser plugins and mobile technology. The user can have the freedom to connect from whatever device they need to use. Now PushDoctor bring qualified clinicians into your home and into your life as and when you need them.

“We understood PushDoctor were a young company that required high quality and tight security but were working to a specific timescale to fit with their to-market strategy.” – Luke Drummond – Head of Development, Ajenta

The Solution

Highest Quality

PushDoctor worked with Ajenta’s development team in the creation of the video service for patient to doctor consultations. As the application was for use in the healthcare sector, the video and audio had to be of the highest quality and HIPAA compliant. This meant there had to be a constant focus on security across the platform.


By using the VidyoWorks platform, PushDoctor were able to embed the full features of Vidyo into their own custom applications. The VidyoWorks software platform lets you embed point-to-point and multi-point video, audio, content sharing, and collaboration inside your own applications, workflows and custom web portals.

Vidyo Components

The VidyoWorks software platform utilises Vidyo’s core technology – VidyoPortal, VidyoRouter, VidyoGateway and VidyoReplay with a frame work and a rich suite of Application Programming Interfaces (API) that support applications developed by Vidyo. This delivers the right communications modality where and when it’s need.


Using the VidyoWorks platform, PushDoctor we were able to embed the full features of Vidyo in-to their own custom web, mobile and desktop applications


“The solution is easy to use and the adoption of new clients has been fantastic, with new patients signing up daily”


“Patient numbers are growing and we are already planning the next stage of our expansion”

“We are growing fast and are now connecting 1000’s of patients to Doctor’s” Matt Elcock, CTO at Push Doctor

What was your experience of the development process?

“Ajenta were always there throughout the process of development to deal with any snags and went above and beyond when it came to responding to our ideas and needs. As the product went through beta testing and various pilot projects, technical support was crucial to bring the product to market. Ajenta team really listened to our ideas and needs and always provide very responsive support”

What was the end result?

“Push Doctor isn’t just a video technology platform like Skype or FaceTime, it’s a specifically designed service that delivers a fully immersive, smart-consulting experience that doesn’t rely on participants knowing what to do, but rather lets each individual know what their role is, sets expectations of the parties involved and keeps everyone up-to-date on where they are in their journey.

Unlike standard telehealth products, we provide encrypted, HIPPA compliant, live managed video-consulting rooms as part of platform provision. With that comes a security environment and tool set including spoof prevention systems and end-point encryption that ensure when you consult on PushDoctor it’s safe and it’s private.”

What are your future plans for the application?

“Ajenta provided a platform that can be expanded in the future at no great additional upgrade fee. Ajenta team really does work for your budget to ensure you are clear at every stage of the process.”


  • Easy user interface
  • Quick and reliable access to the ‘Video surgery’
  • Compatible with 3G and 4G connections
  • Download the app free to IPhone/Ipad, Tablet, pc
  • Ongoing support from the team at Ajenta
  • Cost effective future expansion scalability built in