With thousands of users globally, ActionAid needed access to a video service they could access anywhere on any device.
Client Spotlight: GDS International work with Ajenta to create a sales engagement platform, enabling global reach with their clients.
Client Spotlight: Ajenta helps develop an innovative telehealth platform connecting doctors to patients from any device.

Client Spotlight: PushDoctor

People around the World are enjoying the benefits of new ways to access health professionals who previously were difficult to reach. Remote or online consultations are an enhanced version of the established telephone consultation, which happen in their millions each year in the UK. PushDoctor launched in 2014, recognising the need to offer a quick and easy way of connecting to a qualified GP using your PC or mobile phone.

PushDoctor needed technology that could deliver high quality video and sound to allow for accurate consultations without technical interruptions. The platform had to be a reliable, cost effective solution that could be easily developed to work with their application and could easily be used by patients when they need it most.

Client Spotlight: ActionAid

ActionAid have thousands of users globally that need access to a video service from a variety of devices – mobile, desktop and tablet. An international organisation, with 1000’s of volunteers worldwide, who are growing rapidly and currently work with over 15 million people in 45 countries. Headquartered in Johannesburg they are the only international development organisation with a head office based in Africa. They also have offices right across Asia, the Americas and Europe.

In order to improve the lines of communication and further boost productivity, ActionAid needed to invest in a technology that could fully support them and their future needs.

Client Spotlight: GDS International

Having a large sales force based across multiple satellite offices, along with the large operational team of HR and recruitment and the events operational team who manage the vast logistics of event design and delivery.

GDS were keen to join up their remote teams, increase team collaboration and improve communication across their satellite offices of 350 staff. Given the company is steadily expanding the solution needed to be future proof support future needs of the organisation.

Client Spotlight: Doctor Care Anywhere

Doctor Care Anywhere is a virtual GP service that provides access to highly qualified, GMC and RGCP registered UK GPs via a high-quality video on your browser, tablet or mobile app (iOS and Android). Doctor Care Anywhere makes it easy and simple for patients to book a same day appointment receive high quality medical advice no matter where you are in the world.

Doctor Care Anywhere and a major UK private medical insurance provider have collaborated to provide digital healthcare services to corporate clients rolling out a seven-day online GP consultation service to patients ensuring they can access their GP at home, work or abroad.

Client Spotlight: Glasgow University

A growing and expanding University with changing technology needs, academic and research staff required more flexibility and accessibility than the previous video conferencing system could provide. Having to schedule video meetings within the conferencing suite did not always suit everyone’s busy schedule. Much time was spent travelling to other buildings to facilitate video conferencing sessions.

The main priority was finding a quality video conferencing solution that provided a reliable and cost effective service and could be easily accessed from any device on desktop or mobile, both internally and outwith the organisation.

Client Spotlight: SUPA

SUPA, the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance, is a strategic alliance of eight physics schools with a shared strategy for research. The Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, St Andrews, Strathclyde and West of Scotland are all SUPA members.

Launched in 2004 with the aim of placing Scotland at the forefront of research in physics through coordinated promotion and pursuit of excellence, SUPA has been highly successful in establishing Scotland as a recognised international leader in research and advanced postgraduate training in physics. SUPA is a community of over 1,200 physicists (academics, research staff and postgraduate students) across Scotland.

The SUPA Graduate School provides postgraduate education and training to Scottish physicists.  The SUPA program consists of over 50 courses, covering all seven of SUPA’s research themes. SUPA offers PhD studentships for outstanding students from anywhere in the world. These prestigious and competitive awards are intended to attract excellent students to study for a PhD in Scotland.  A majority of SUPA courses are delivered via custom built video conference rooms in each of the eight SUPA institutions.