The VidyoDesktop™ app provides high-quality video conferencing to Windows, Mac, and Linux computers so that everyone can participate at the office, from home, or on the road. VidyoDesktop VE (virtual edition) extends high quality conferencing and collaboration to virtual desktop and thin client environments. VidyoDesktop offers both registered users and guests supreme ease of use with click-to-connect links.

With encoding up to 1080p30 on capable platforms, VidyoDesktop transmits high-fidelity video that rivals applianced-based systems, even when displayed on conference room screens. And thanks to Vidyo’s exclusive dynamic adaptation technologies, VidyoDesktop sustains a quality experience despite the variable bandwidth and packet loss typical of public Internet and wireless network connections.

The VidyoClient API is the interface for 3rd party applications to integrate with the VidyoClient library in order to build complete custom client applications. It allows video to be rendered and controlled from within 3rd party application windows. It also provides a rich set of APIs to manage the overall configuration and control of the pre-call and in-call state machine of the VidyoClient library.


The VidyoMobile™ app brings high-quality video conferencing to popular Android and Apple iOS tablets and smartphones. With the API you can have person-to-person or multi-party video conference from any location, using a simple internet connection.

VidyoMobile delivers transcode-free video  conferencing for natural communication at the pace of conversation, without the broken pictures associated with traditional solutions. Enjoy the freedom to connect and collaborate easily with others across a wide range of endpoints from smartphones to room-based telepresence systems.

Unique VidyoMobile Benefits…

• Extreme Definition (XD) displays up to 3 megapixel resolution for shared content
• Customizable layout with up to 4 onscreen participants
• Scroll through thumbnails of all participants and content shares and choose which display onscreen
• Make any participant or content share bigger with pinch-to-zoom and real-time panning
• Conference with 150+ participants from all types of endpoints, including room systems,
desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles
• Multipoint Content Sharing: toggle to switch between shares from multiple participants
• Dial directly for point-to-point calls or host dozens of participants from mobile, desktop
and room-based endpoints
• Adaptive Video Layering™ dynamically optimizes video streams to capabilities of each
endpoint device and network conditions


Video Communication on Any Browser.

Unlike ‘WebRTC’, the VidyoWeb™ browser plug-in lets participants join conferences from within any web browser on desktop and laptop computers. VidyoWeb is designed to give guests an easy way to participate in conferences hosted by others.

Participants joining with VidyoWeb can view and share content, select from multiple layouts, and even go full-screen for a more immersive experience, all without the requirement to install an application or create a user account. Once the VidyoWeb extension is installed, guests enjoy one-click access to transcode-free video conferencing without the delay and broken pictures associated with traditional solutions.

The VidyoWorks Client API for Web is a browser plug-in that enables embedding of a videoconferencing application within a web page. The browser plug-in is the standard Vidyo client library wrapped inside a JavaScript container. This makes custom client development simple for web developers and allows video rendering and control using JavaScript from inside the browser. Rich sets of APIs manage the overall configuration and control of the pre-call and in-call state machine of the VidyoClient library.

VidyoWeb RTC

Vidyo’s WebRTC offering allows developers to extend the Vidyo platform to include WebRTC-capable browsers. Now developers can easily build custom applications that enable users to join conferences right from their web browsers without the need for plug-ins or downloads. With a simple click-to-connect link, participants can enjoy HD video quality. This offering includes two components:

Vidyo Server for WebRTC:

The Vidyo Server for WebRTC is a scalable, clustered solution for providing VidyoConferencing connectivity to browser-based applications without requiring the installation of a plug-in. Because it is fully integrated with the Vidyo platform, participants joining through WebRTC can enjoy all of the interoperability delivered by the Vidyo platform—including conferencing with native Vidyo endpoints as well as third-party H.323, SIP, and Microsoft® Lync® endpoints.

The VidyoClient API for WebRTC, supported by the Vidyo Server for WebRTC, allows developers to build their own browser-based applications and workflows
using HTML 5 and simple JavaScript APIs. Vidyo’s out-of-the-box WebRTC application, which runs on top of the above components and enables Vidyo customers to deploy WebRTC in their organization without any software development, is coming soon.