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Team Ajenta are out in force on the road spreading the Vscene Evolution story!
Ajenta are out and about over the last month at Jisc’s Digifest in Birmingham 17 and Networkshop45, Nottingham spreading the word about the Vscene evolution.

Vscene originally launched as Janet Videoconferencing Service (JVCS) has evolved over the past 20 years to the unique, innovative, collaborative virtual classroom environment it is today. Working in partnership Jisc and Ajenta have significantly developed the service and that now delivers 60, 000 Vscene Video conferencing service was developed for education.


Vscene Evolution

Having worked with Jisc since 2016 to support them develop the service, Ajenta were thrilled to take over the full service delivery from March 2017. The Ajenta development team have been busy working on new enhancements. A new commercial strategy will bring much improved features and enhancements to the current service as well as greater flexibility and interoperability. To ensure we maintain a consistently innovative and competitive solution, Vscene will be a paid for service from 1March 2018 and no longer be part of Jisc members services

Vscene Evolution on the road

Vscene 2.0

To ensure our users were aware of the ‘Vscene evolution’ Ajenta delivered a series of workshops along with Tim Boundy from Jisc on Vscene reminding the users of the journey so far and how we have come to where we are with the service. The series of live demos of Vscene 2.0 we could reach as many users with the new strategy and structure.

Vscene Evolution on the road

Watch this space for more information on Vscene 2.0 launch.

To see our presentation click here

Author: Gavin McKenzie

Gavin, our COO has over 20 years experience in strategy, business growth and corporate finance. He has been at the forefront of business scaling and strategy management for multiple technology and software companies, specialising in project management and channel partner growth.

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